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ScottTech Integrated Solutions offers a unique flagship software product to help manage inventory and improve both accuracy and efficiently. Visit our website to learn more!
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Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management Software

Keeping track of your inventory helps to eliminate inefficiencies. Hospitals need medical equipment, retail stores need clothes, and automotive centers need parts. That entire inventory has to be accounted for every day to ensure those respective industries have the necessary equipment, clothes, and parts they need to fulfill orders. ScottTech Integrated Solutions’ flagship product, PickPro warehouse management software (WCS/WMS) was developed specifically for this process.

Our warehouse management software (WCS/WMS), also known as PickPro WCS/WMS, is a software system that manages inventory and controls both operators, orders, and¬ automation equipment¬ inside the four walls of a warehouse or distribution center. It acts as a traffic cop would in the middle of a busy intersection. The software talks to the hardware and relays directions to it. It keeps an inventory of all of the storage devices and relays instructions to operators. These instructions convey to the operator the most efficient way to pick or put a product.




Our goal is to help you run your business more efficiently. No matter what type of industry you are in, an increase in efficiency leads to an increase in productivity. PickPro WMS is typically integrated underneath a larger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software but can also act as a standalone WMS. PickPro also integrates with a host of different AS/RS equipment such as horizontal carouselsvertical carouselsvertical lift modules (VLM)conveyor systems, pick to light, RF data collection terminals, and many more.

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