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Pick pro modules

PickPro WCS/WMS Modules

As former warehouse operators, we understand the value of having user-friendly, fully functional warehouse management software (WCS/WMS).  We designed our warehouse management software to fit the needs of any customer looking to store, pick, and pack an order or goods. The software has been designed with maximum user functionality in mind, and can be customized to meet the customers’ specific needs. Our warehouse management software (WCS/WMS), PickPro comes in modules, so the user can choose which functionality is needed in their specific application. This allows the customer to expand PickPro’s functionality in correlation with their growing business, and also cuts down on cost.


Induction Manager assists in pre-batching items for either picking or receiving into the system. This allows PickPro to utilize totes for transporting items that have been picked between workstations via carts or conveyors.


Inventory Control System manages a multitude of workstation configurations including AS/RS systems, bulk areas, and replenishment zones simultaneously. This program is designed to support high throughput applications while reducing the demands on your host/ERP systems.


Bulkpro is a wireless transaction system. Allows you to run RF data collection terminals (RF Picking).


Consolidation Manager allows you to verify accuracy of each order being picked prior to actual shipment. It also allows for packing items into shipping containers and verifying/updating the actual shipped quantity for each line item. The shipping feature is used to collect information about each container ID for each order being shipped.


Conveyor Control System integrates large-scale industrial material handling equipment with real-time device control and information retrieval systems. It supports PLC controlled conveyor product handling systems and several kinds of material storage equipment like, carousels, flow racks, static shelving, and bulk storage.


Advanced Order Management analysis and reporting


Pick to Light integrates “bucket brigade” methodologies, creating self-balancing work zones.