Over 30 Years of Experience in the Industry...

We understand successful integration and are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. We are a systems integrator that specializes in secondary packaging line integration as well as warehouse and distribution systems. With over 30 years of experience, we stand alone in understanding  "both sides of the wall" (between manufacturing, packaging and the warehouse) and how a change on either side will always affect the other. With technology rapidly advancing and engineering and operations departments shrinking, ScottTech can be your partner from conception through implementation of all your packaging line needs. Our breadth of knowledge and relationships with thousands of packaging equipment manufacturers allows us to design and supply a complete, "non-proprietary" design and installed system customized specifically for your business. 



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...Yep! It's that easy. ScottTech can provide technical support remotely via the Internet or through Email messaging. With our web-based support system, we can quickly respond to meet your support needs. Being web-enabled allows for quick response by ScottTech for user/super user training, system inspection, software maintenance, addition of new features, etc. ScottTech’s support tools allow for quick and cost effective response to your system support requests. ScottTech has “Made-to-Order” support packages available. Please contact our sales team to discuss the support plan that will meet your unique needs. Standard support hours  all you to  talk with a ScottTech support team member from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

You can also email us at: support@scotttech.co




We Understand...We are Living in the Digital Age .


At ScottTech Integrated Solutions, we understand the importance staying connected. We have a library of videos on our YouTube channel that provide examples of projects we have completed in the various sectors of our business. Find us on LinkedIn, we would love to connect! Our employees are easy-to-find and we also have a company page available. We have recently launched our Facebook company page, too. Head over and "LIKE" us ...We will be posting news items from ScottTech as well as industry advances. See you on the web!

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